Apr 30th


LISA 2000 equipment being used to detect leaks in a newly constructed heap leach pad at a gold mine in the Andes, South America.

After nearly two years of successful equipment sales of the LISA 500, 1000 and 2000 series, TRI will soon upgrade to the LISA 3000. The LISA 3000 is currently under development and is scheduled to be available by January 2015.

All of the great features of the current series are being incorporated into the new model. The driving force behind the 3000 series is to make the advanced features of the 2000 series more readily available to equipment purchasers. All of the components for sale will be interchangeable. For example, if a client purchases a 3000 series basic kit (equivalent to the current 500 series), the client can then purchase project-specific structures such as the GPS-based double dipole, structures which are compatible with the power source and meter that the client owns. This will streamline upgrades and make it more cost effective for clients to obtain the higher-end LISA features and structures.

The 3000 series also features dipole equipment for high-conductivity solution surveys. A specialized high-conductivity dipole probe is used in tandem with an upgraded 3000 series power source to perform these challenging surveys.

By providing more robust components and more equipment purchase options, TRI looks forward to continuing to provide support world-wide for leak location survey performance.

One Comment to "New Equipment Series Unveiled"

  • Chris Bayless
    November 4, 2014 at 3:30 am

    Will the LISA 2000 or LISA 3000, the equipment, be available for sale? I am in the international market and interested in owning one to conduct the relevant testing.

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