Jan 31st


Tony Oberhausen of AMEC performing the water puddle method on side slope of the leachate pond

Tony Oberhausen tackled some steep side slopes like a pro to kick off AMEC Environment and Infrastructure’s (AMEC) first commercial liner integrity survey project. The project will ultimately encompass over 50 acres of survey area including both bare and soil-covered geomembranes.

The project located in Ghent, Kentucky serves as an ash monofill for a coal-fired power plant along the Ohio River. Although not required by state law, the site owner is choosing to perform a liner integrity survey as part of their liner quality assurance. Project Manager Brian Cole comments, “The method basically sells itself.”

AMEC currently provides Construction Quality Assurance services for the project and has recently expanded to performing liner integrity surveys. With an office located approximately one hour away from the project site, AMEC is saving the site owner the cost of a mobilization, which can double the cost of this specialty service for small projects. As the use of this technology becomes more widely embraced and demystified, it will become increasingly regionalized, making the service more affordable for site owners and broadening the service offerings of local engineering firms such as AMEC.

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